Between Greater and Lesser Caucasus

Between Greater and Lesser Caucasus

First, genuine bike expedition along with several mountain hikes in the Greater and the Lesser Caucasus mountains.

  • ~1400 km on the bicycle through mountainous Georgia and Armenia
  • 4 days on the ferry accross the Black Sea
  • 10 - the biggest amount of khinkali eaten at once
  • 4 mountain hikes during the expedition
  • 0.5 EUR - cost of the biggest watermelon to buy, in the vicinity of Marneuli
  • 9 new passport stamps
  • 4090 m AMSL - the highest point of the whole travel - Armenian Aragats

Just not to mention lots of interactions with local people and new acquaintances in this part of the world.


July/August, 2013

Days on the road



Armenia Georgia Poland Ukraine

Mountain ranges

Lesser Caucasus, Caucasus